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August 24, 2016

Medicare is a three way street

Medicare Is A Three Way Street

Medicare options can be compared to a three way street. One can only choose one way at a time once they find themselves walking down the Medicare “street”. One way is to keep only “traditional” or “original” Medicare (Part A & Part B). Another is to add a supplement plan or Medigap, along with the original medicare just to help offset some costs that are not covered, such as: deductibles, coinsurance and copays. And another way is to get a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part C, which will replace your original Medicare coverage. 

When seniors face those options, they often times get bombarded with so much useless information which leads to confusion and overwhelming feelings. The first thing to consider before choosing which way you should take down Medicare “street” is to consult with a trusted independent insurance agent that specializes in Medicare. This will not cost you a dime and you can always consult more than one agent before you build enough trust and are comfortable with. It is also utterly important to consult with an agent that is able to shop around for you among all the top rated insurance carriers in your area in order to get the best value for your coverage. You do not want to pay more for the same exact coverage! You should never feel pressured by any agent or feel that you have to get certain coverage without understanding what the coverage is and how much it costs. You should also consider how much your coverage costs when you actually have to use it. 

Remember that knowledge is not only power but can also save you money! 

An article by John A. Balota
Owner of Medicareline Insurance

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