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August 23, 2016

Plan F vs Plan G Video

Plan F vs. Plan G. Which one is better? Can Plan G really save me money?

Both plans are Medicare Supplement Plans and work the same way and have the same coverage except for the Part B annual deductible. Plan G does not cover Medicare Part B annual deductible, which in 2016 is $166/year.

Now let’s look at this a little closer and see why Plan G is much more valuable than Plan F. Let’s consider an example of one of my clients in Colorado. My client’s monthly premium for Plan F in Colorado was 134/month while Plan G came up at 112/month with the same company. Now that’s a difference of $22 per month, which is a total of $264 per year difference in premiums.

My question then is, why would anyone trade $264 in annual premiums just by having Plan F, for $166 in annual deductible for having Plan G? That’s a difference of almost $100/year that you pay just for having a Plan F.
You decide!

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