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April 29, 2016

The most common Medicare myths

The most common Medicare myths

Here are four of the most common Medicare myths that I hear almost daily when talking to seniors about their Medicare options. Obviously, this is not a complete list of all Medicare myths that I hear but I tried to compile a list of the most common ones I hear most of the time.
Hopefully, this is valuable information that helps seniors make informed decisions when it comes to their Medicare coverage. If you have questions, you can check out my video on Facebook at:

I will automatically be enrolled in Medicare when I turn 65. 

You will not be automatically enrolled into Medicare, unless you already receive Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits and you want Medicare (Part A and Part B). If you want Medicare coverage you have to sign up to get it.

Medicare covers everything. I don’t need additional insurance.

Medicare does not cover everything and not at 100%. Even if you are covered by Medicare Part A and Part B, you are generally covered at 80% and still have to pay for the remaining of 20% of approved charges. Some other things Medicare does not cover include: dental care, dentures, cosmetic surgery, hearing aids, eye exams, acupuncture, and long-term care.

There is no penalty if I sign up for Medicare after I turn 65.

In most cases, if you miss to sign up for Medicare when you first become eligible, you may have to pay a penalty for as long as you have Medicare.

Medicare is mandatory health insurance.

Medicare coverage is optional since most people have to sign up to get it. It is not mandatory, however you need to review other options carefully and weigh out your costs vs. benefits.

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