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April 25, 2016

Choosing Which Medicare Part Works For You

Choosing Which Medicare Part Works For You

Medicare health program has four parts and they are part A, B, C and D. Medicare part C and D are covered by private insurance providers. Part C actually combines the benefits that are covered by parts A and B and while part D of Medicare covers prescription medication. Part D is created to subsidize the cost of medications bought by elderly people or those who qualify for this program.

Some private insurance providers cover some portion of part C so members can avail of medical services and medications. However, not all medications or prescriptive drugs are covered by part D. Those drugs that are not approved by the FDA or not available in the USA are not covered by part D. Also, those which are not included in the prescribed medication for a patient’s certain illness are not covered. Vitamins, though prescribed, are also not included along with drugs for weight loss or weight gain, fertility drugs and medications for common colds are also not covered.

Medicare parts C and D are called Medicare Advantage. They are improved medical services since it covers benefits which parts A and B cannot cover and this is through HMOs or private health insurance. These HMOs and private insurance providers are accredited by Medicare and they cost extra if you are going to get it as part of your medical and health plan. However, they are still subject for approval by certain hospitals and doctors. It is better to know beforehand which doctors and hospitals accredit them so you will not be surprised.

Medicare parts A and B are overseen by the government. They offer basic medical services such as hospitalization expenses and medical care. Part A also covers inpatient hospital care and meals. While part B includes doctor and nurse care as well as outpatient cares. People who qualify for this program must have worked for not less than ten years and have made contribution to their Social Security.

Part B also covers for physical and occupational therapy, some health care services that part A does not cover and some preventive services such as regular check-ups. Laboratory work ups and tests are also covered but only for a certain percentage of the amount. Blood tests and urinalysis are only covered when they are deemed necessary for the diagnosis of the patient’s illness. Immunizations such as flu shots are also covered but only during flu season. Other services that are covered by part B are Dialysis, Mammograms, Pap Smears and Pelvic exams.

Knowing your options and educating yourself with Medicare programs will help you get your money’s worth should you decide to upgrade from basic to a wider coverage plan. If you are getting any Medicare part of their program, it is best to get a certified or licensed agent who knows what coverage each one has. The agent must also be able to explain to you in detail the coverage and its limitations. The agent must also provide you with a list of doctors and hospitals that accepts them and which ones do not accredits your Medicare plan.

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