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April 19, 2016

Medicare Versus Medicaid

Medicare Versus Medicaid

Most people think that Medicaid would fall under Medicare which is about wrong. These two programs are entirely different from each other. Medicare and Medicaid did however start off in the same year which was 1965, other than that their uses are completely different from each other. Medicare is a non income based program, which means a person is eligible as soon as he or she is sixty five years of age unless there are other conditions which the person may qualify for Medicare. In gaining a Medicaid however a person will only be eligible in the case that their income permits them to—since Medicaid is a financial assistance program to low income people who would want to have a health insurance. Medicare Medicaid may however allow a person to be eligible for both since Medicaid will be able to help the person in paying for the Medicare health care insurance.

Each program is administered by different parts of the government though both are government made programs; Medicare is funded and controlled by the federal government of the United States whereas private companies may choose to open contracts with the government regarding the Medicare of their employees. Medicaid however depends on the state, since Medicaid is a state controlled program where its guidelines and eligibility groups may differ accordingly to the laws of that state. These are mostly the important factors to take note of on the difference of Medicare and Medicaid. These two however were made to help senior citizens in paying for health related bills. One thing the Medicare Medicaid is all about is that it helps in assisting people pay for their health bills.

Medicare is a health insurance program whereas people purchase a plan from the program to help them shoulder whatever medical expenses their plan may help them pay for. However owing to the fact that most people who purchase Medicare plans are retired citizens using their savings would not be a wise decision this is why there are programs such as Medicaid to help them in paying for their Medicare or if they choose so to get Medicaid instead if the will qualify for an eligibility group. Medicare plans can be given to those for a premium free plan Medicare A, that is if the amount of paid taxes by the person are enough. Medicaid is for the financially deprived who would want to have a health insurance to be able to secure their finances and savings from any unwanted medical bills. For many people Medicare Medicaid is a program that can help them in their old age and can help them save money for better uses other than medical bills, which would cost a lot, if not for Medicare or Medicaid. This is why most people take the opportunity to get a Medicare and for those who know that their income would not permit them, Medicaid. These programs opt to help people in their health insurance however even being government programs funds that are given to these programs are not enough to answer the increasing demand of the US population.

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